Living History


Periodically through the year Captain Shackelford’s Company of Alabama Red Rovers presents Living History Demonstrations for Schools, Festivals and Historical Sites. Living history is an activity that incorporates historical tools, happenings and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time. Some of the Living History Demonstrations that Captain Shackelford’s Company of Alabama Red Rovers specialize in are:

  • CAMP COOKING – Cooking over an open fire just like the Pioneers did
  • COINS AND CURRENCY– coinage of the period, including American, Mexican and Spanish
  • CURANDERISIMO – Mexican Herbal Medicine
  • FIRE STARTING – Starting a Fire using Flint and Steel
  • FLAG OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION AND REPUBLIC – Set of 20+ full-size historicaly based flags
  • MEDICAL DOCTOR – demonstrations and tools of the trade of a 19th Century Doctor
  • MILITARY DRILL – Step into the rank and file of the Texian Army
  • PERIOD GAMES – Soldiers passed the time with games like; Nine Pin, Chess, Cards and Dominoes
  • QUILL WRITING – A quill was used to write all of our founding documents, try your hand
  • RANCHING HERITAGE – An explanation of South Texas Ranching through Branding Irons and Roping
  • SHOOTING DEMONSTRATION – Learn how a muzzle loader works, both Flintlock or Percussion ignition
  • TAVERN – Experience a historically accurate tavern, like where most of the revolution was staged
  • TEXAS TRACKS – an overview of the native Texas wildlife that roams or inhabits Texas

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