Recruiting Station


“If Volunteers from the U. States will join their brethren in this section, they will receive liberal bounties of land. We have millions of acres of our best land unchosen and unappropriated. Let each man come with a good rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition – and come soon. Our war-cry is “Liberty or Death.” Our principles are to support the Constitution, and DOWN WITH THE USURPER!” – Huntsville Democrat, November 1835

recruit newThese words were a plea that went out to encourage volunteers to aid the Texan cause. Captain Shackelford’s Company of Alabama Red Rovers is an organization of progressive Texas War of Independence living historians that represent the volunteers that came from the Northern Alabama communities of Courtland and Tuscumbia to aid in the fight for Texas Independence in which most would share later in the fate of the rest of Fannin’s Command. The organization is not limited to just the impression of the Alabama Red Rovers, but many members interpret other time periods and impressions. Living History is presented in the forms of Battle Reenactments, Company Drills, School Demonstrations, Parades, Local Events and Festivals. The Alabama Red Rovers is a very specialized impression in the community of Texas Revolution reenacting.

If you have any questions, are a descendant of these original brave Alabamians, or would like to try your hand at the Historical Reenacting, please feel free to contact us and we will send you an Enlistment Form and our informative Recruit Handbook.

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