summitted by William V. Scott

On February 11, 2012, Captain Shackelford’s Company of Alabama Red Rovers sponsored Fort Defiance – 1836. Presidio LaBahia was converted to Fort Defiance for the day to give the public and the participants a chance to step back into Fort Defiance, where Colonel James W. Fannin fortified his command. Participants were able to experience Guard Mounting, Patrols, Scouts, Alerts and a Court-martial; Members of the Company Present were: D. Harmon, I. Harmon, L. Hise, Devin Howard, J. Lucas, R. Powell, A. Remmers, Josh Rieder, D. Scott, W. Scott, E. Vickers, E. Willy, and N. Womack. This garrison was also manned by contingents of the Mobile Grays, Military Engineers, and scatterings of ladies from Madame Garcias’. Many Thanks goes to Laura Vickers for preparing and cooking the meals for the Garrison, and to the command staff of the event.

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