Submitted by William V. Scott

Braving the 110+ degree weather, Captain Shackelford’s Company of Alabama Red Rovers donned the uniforms and impressions of the Texan-Santa Fe Expedition at Fort Chadbourne Days. Members present L. Hise, R. Powell, D. Scott, W. Scott, J. Speck, D. Vickers, J. Vickers and L. Vickers, while D. Rhea and E. Vickers were also present doing other impressions. On Friday, May 4th Hise, Powell and W. Scott were present as over 900 children were part of Education Day. Fort Chadbourn’s wonderful visitor center and museum which the ribbon had been cut only a week prior; housing a wonderful collection of found artifacts from the site and early Texas occupation by federal troops, a superior firearms collection of both military and Sharps, numerous Republic of Texas buttons and one of only six Republic marked Tyron Muskets believed to be in existence. Garland and Lana Richards’ warm hospitality always make the event more and more inviting.


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